baptism testimonies

  • Jordan Bruce

    Before I really found Jesus, my life was normal. I went to church, prayed regularly, and rarely read my bible. Life like this was good, but not fulfilling. I felt that Jesus could and would play a bigger role inside my life. But my life did not truly change until I entered the HARBOR… When I entered the harbor I immediately started learning more about the Lord and his plan in my life through educational and engaging lessons. Although my start in the harbor was rough, I started to realize my place in this new environment. Once I was confident in the harbor, I started to engage in activities such as the RACE which was fun and helped me connect with other students. Then I decided to take the next step and go on a winter retreat to Word of Life. During the camp I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior and committed to my faith. After the camp I was sure that I wanted to get baptized and to outwardly express my faith in front of Bayside Church. Thank you to the following people who helped me grow in my faith both inside and outside of the church - My parents, Pastor Terry, Pastor Alex, Mr. Rick, Mrs. Jeannie and my small group leaders. I am honored to get baptized today and appreciate everyone that is here to share this experience with me!

  • Liam Martinez

    Before I met Jesus and let him into my life, I was an unhappy, resentful kid that would hold grudges even against family members, and I would sin without a second thought of the consequences. I became familiar with Him at summer camp and savannah and haven’t looked back since. Now that I’ve came to know Jesus, I’ve never been happier. I try to stay away from sin but when I inevitably do, I certainly find myself a little disappointed and repent. Even when life starts going downhill, I’m able to rest easy knowing I have God to fall back on. Now, I’m very compassionate and able to  easily forgive anyone.

  • Neko WolfoRd

    I love Jesus and I want to wash away my sins to show that I love Jesus so much that I want to ensure everything that went against that. 

  • Rex Wolford

    I believe He was sent to the earth as a son and human version of God. I believe Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins. I believe He was resurrected by our Lord. Before Jesus I was not a happy person, I had a bad mouth, and didn't have respect for others. I came to know him by going to a local youth group. Now I am happy, respectful, and more open. 

  • Jace Stout

    My Parents shared Jesus with me growing up. I want to publicly wash away my sins and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. 

  • Reighna Stout

    My Parents, Jace, Kenleigh, and my friends shared the love of Jesus with me. I want to publicly wash away my sins and want it to be known that I believe in the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Donna Zuschlag

    My testimony. Over the last few years, I have lost the love of my life, battled breast, cancer, and now losing my vision. I was mad at God and continued, asking him why me why me many many times.. I was asking and asking and not thanking God at all for the things that I have and things he has done for me. I know God is good, and I know he will forgive me and I have come here today to ask for that forgiveness of selfishness and my demands. I know I will be a better person. I turn my faith over to God he will lead me down the right road. 

  • Daniel Bean

    I'm being baptized because I firmly believe in God's constant and unwavering love for me. This baptism signifies my commitment to embracing and living out that belief in my daily life.