One Sentence On The Acts Series

Wrapping up our fall series "Acts: Of The Spirit", we asked everyone to send in one sentence of how this series has helped either led them spiritually or to an extraordinary moment in their lives. We can really see how "More People Are Becoming More Like Jesus" from this series from your sentence submission Bayside! We hope you enjoy reading the sentence below and join us in celebrating the movement that the Acts series has done through our church. 

“The Acts Series has helped me remember to not define the parameters of what God can do, and that my role is to:

a)     God and Do, AND

b)    Come and See”

“The study of Acts of the Spirit has been a beautiful and vivid exploration of one of the most powerful books of the bible, commissioning today’s believers.”

“Acts is not just history, we are a part of the story today.” 

“I have really enjoyed getting to know people in the small group, hearing different perspectives helps to see how the Holy Spirit uses different people in different ways.” 

“I feel that I have been able to open my eyes and heart more to listen for the Holy Spirit.” 

“By listening to others share their life stories, I evaluated my life and realize how God has helped and guided me without really realizing it, and want more.” 

“Developing more meaningful relationships and seeing other church goers as more of a family, desire and belief in the Holy Spirit and the way He works in our lives.”

“More understanding of the many walks taken by others to reach the Father.” 

“I feel the Holy Spirit has worked in our group bringing us all together as a group as we have shared about our stories of faith with each other and learn each other’s life stories.” 

“The Holy Spirit has helped me see connections in the church from early church to today, and across our church family, how the church movement is a tapestry across all of us.”

“I feel the impact of the Holy Spirit has moved us closer with each other. By learning all the stories of our group, we know that God is always with us the whole journey. And we are his vessels to deliver his word.”

“Intentionally watch and pray for/to Him in the moment. Stay connected.”

“This series taught me where we give respect to others, others teach us.” 

“It has been a joy feeling the Holy Spirit move through me and watching it impact the new friends we have connected with.” 

“If you’re good enough for God, you’re good enough.”

"Waiting is not wasted time. God is working in the waiting.” 

‘“Keep your religion flexible to account for the hand of God.” I’m learning to be more flexible in allowing God to work in my life.’” 

“I felt we all have our different stories/paths that leads us to Jesus.” 

“We all have a story! And there is so much beauty in our trials and a richness that comes when we share them.”

“How the church is not about the physical structure but about a movement and it is ever changing through time. Also, that we are the church and we have to spread the word.” 

“This series has been a wonderful reminder that God isn’t put off by my sin or lack of faith, He will not fail, and not give up but to look expectantly for answered prayers.”

“Learning stories of people and the events in their lives that shape their worldview and walk with God leads me to be encouraged, strengthened in my faith. 

“The Holy Spirit has opened my heart to share my faith more with new people.” 

“This is our third small group and the one we enjoyed the most (other than the first one with Terry.) Loved all the participants, especially meeting new church members. Scott & Sherry did an awesome job.”

‘“The series has driven home just How diverse the Church is “You Ain’t in Jerusalem Anymore!” God loves us whatever our background is.”’

“God’s powerful message of “waiting precedes power” was more important than I could have imagined a few months ago. Learning that Jesus instructed his most loyal and impassioned disciples to “wait on the Holy Spirit” before they took action so they could have clarity and discernment in their work and mission is something I’m still processing deeply, and will be for months. Movements move, but only should do when the movement is grace-filled by the Lord! Thank you for this amazing study and all of your work to give us this deeper dive into Acts!”

“God pressed upon my heart that he uses everyone for the good of his kingdom, even the sinners and the broken hearted and that I shouldn't be afraid to share my faith.”

“I have found peace with a new sense of peace about God's plan and his power beyond our will and understanding.”

“The series (and our small group) challenged me to be intentional about learning and understanding scripture!”

“’This statement made me realize I need to be more flexible! "Keep your religion flexible to account for the hand of God."’

“Even though this was the fourth time I’ve studied the book of Acts, every lesson showed me something new and different and I was able to apply scripture in new ways”

“The Church is not an institution, it's a movement of Christ followers who...move!”

“Let Jesus work through you rather than trying to do it yourself. We want to see lives changed but we want to see it happen our way. I want to surrender to Him and get out of the way”.

“I was reminded of God’s faithfulness in performing several miracles in my life and my need to share these, especially with non-believers because our Christian lives may be the only “Bible” a non-Christian ever reads.”

“This series was a reminder that throughout the history of His church and still today, God will bless our 'yes' through the power of His Spirit!”


"To relay more on the Lord because he can work miracles." 


"Helped me gain a better understanding and knowledge. The sermon Acts encouraged me to be more open to others. The church at Antioch  is a good example of openness. Barnabas is an inspiration." 


"God’s plan is perfect and if we trust and obey, no matter what we go through His Will will be done and He will be glorified." 


"The series refreshed how we are the church that God chose and we need to do God’s will."


In this moment, pause and just receive the love of the Father cast all your anxieties on him, for he loves you. (1 Peter 5:7)


"The less I strive, and the more I surrender, the greater story Jesus gets and the clearer God’s plan becomes." 


"God had sent Christ who lived and died so that we will have the opportunity to enjoy the blessing of Heaven. The church endured mush persecution - but grew."


"I was called to rededicate my life to Christ. I thought I couldn’t feel love and now my heart is overflowing."


"The apostles and the first Christians affected all my beliefs in God. They didn’t pray for material things - only for Christ to be with them and save others."


"I specially loved the message Pastor Terry brought us on the movement of bringing the message to the Gentiles. I loved the fact that Pastor Terry mentioned that Paul, a Jewish man, a black man, and a middle Eastern were together in Antioch. Different men and different nationalities and cultures, eating together, worshiping together and Antioch became the center of worship. When I first came to Bayside there weren’t too many members that weren’t Caucasian. It’s beautiful to see our congregation now with different races, cultures and nationalities. I love it. I feel at home for the first time and accepted."


"Understanding what the people go through persuasion and still followed the word."

"The holy spirit has impressed upon me the importance of being bold in sharing God’s word regardless of the consequences."