The purpose of the grow plan is to create a formal pathway for discipleship and leadership development


This plan is based on the assumption that there are, generally speaking, three movements a person moves through in the process of growing from being a spiritual seeker to a Christ-Centered leader. (Building Leaders, Malphurs and Mancini. P.67)






The Grow Plan intentionally offers a growth catalyst at each of these important movements.

  • WELCOME LUNCH (seeker to believer)

    January 13th  //  12:00pm

    Equipping seekers with what they need to know to get started.

  • FAITH FOUNDATIONS (believer to follower)

    January 16th  //  6:30pm

    A five week course equipping believers in how to be a follower of Jesus.

  • LEADERSHIP AT BAYSIDE (follower to leader)

    March 13th  //  6:30pm

    A five week course equipping followers with knowledge of how God has uniquely wired them to do ministry.

  • LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY (leadership culture)

    Ongoing  //  Online & Events

    Equipping leaders with a community where they can continue to grow together and support one another.

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